Translations you can trust!


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Our translation process offers genuine added value

Thanks to our quality-driven translation process we ensure precise and efficient language management in each phase of the project.
Our workflow is structured into the following basic phases:

  1.  Preparing the translation
    After receiving an order, the project coordinator carefully chooses all the translators and proofreaders involved in the project with a focus on the client’s requirements, specialist area and deadlines.
  2.  Translation supported by translation memory systems
    Our translators can utilise our comprehensive, customised databases for their work.
  3.  Proofreading
    Native speakers of the source and target language ensure that content, intention and style correspond optimally to the source text.
  4.  Follow-up work
    Layout work, maintenance and expansion of the client-specific terminology database.

Professional translations across many specialist fields

Professional translation places the highest linguistic demands on translators. Specialist competence and knowledge of current language usage on their own are not enough. In addition, the translator must make cor-rect use of technical aids and possess a stylistic fine touch so that a text can be translated correctly and accurately into another language.

Our core competence is creating first-class translations. For this we work according to the highest quality standards. Our specialist translators translate from various source languages into their native language. Because only genuine native speakers have the sensitivity to linguistic subtleties necessary to really take all relevant details of the source text into account in their translation.

Certified translations of official documents

Certificates, testimonials, attestations, reports and numerous other official documents frequently not only have to be translated but also  certified, so that they are legally valid at court or for the authorities. com·be·nations has a pool of court-registered translators for all European and many other non-European languages. Our publicly commissioned and registered translators are empowered by court to confirm and certify the completeness and correctness of translations. They perform this task with the expected quality and reliability, thus ensuring competent and prompt processing of your documents.

The right slogans and taglines for your business

A slogan that works internationally allows you to run campaigns in several countries without having to go through cost and time-intensive language adaptations of your campaign which would otherwise be necessary. Slogans and taglines are the essence of a market strategy. They convey the values and the claim of a brand or a product in a compact form and are thus a fundamental element of sustainable image building. They stand for the emotionally or rationally emphasised message, which is communicated in the long term through a brand. Their aim is to be so original that they remain anchored in our minds.

It is not easy to create a slogan that is appropriate both phonetically and regarding content in an international environment. It often requires just a few words to attract the customers‘ attention and arouse their interest, but finding exactly the right phrase demands not only creativity but also a feeling for the language and intercultural know-how. It does not matter whether it is a product or a service: we will help you capture your message in apt words and find the fitting slogan or motto for your product.

Editing and proofreading are a prerequisite for perfect translations

Translations need to be edited and proof-read to ensure that they convey exactly what was said in the original text. During proofreading the focus is on the formal aspects of the target language text such as spelling and punctuation.

During this process, your translation is optimised with regard to both content and linguistic aspects. At com·be·nations both of these tasks are performed by native speakers of the source language. Only in this way can high text quality be ensured. By using translation memory systems and terminology databases we additionally check the translations with regard to correct and consistent use of terminology.

Development and maintenance of your terminology

Corporate identity begins with the use of a uniform terminology. We support you in setting up and maintaining a company-specific terminology. We compile terminology databases for you which can be made available for your employees in the form of simple word lists, digital dictionaries or web-based databases.

Desktop publishing for your international success

If your products are to go international, you need professional desktop publishing in the respective languages. In addition to our language services such as translation, editorial work and proofreading, we also offer you the DTP of your foreign language documentation – and this with all European fonts and all conventional layout programs. Our comprehensive expertise in creation, typesetting, artwork and fonts as well as our technical understanding of the different implementation possibilities allows the complete processing of your international documents. Just ask us!