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Industry-specific services in foreign language communication

Our clients represent the most varied of industries and their tasks are just as diverse. On top of this, new specialist terms arise on a daily basis. These place the highest linguistic demands on translators. In order to guarantee that a text is rendered into another language correctly, specialist expertise, linguistic knowledge and a feeling for style are required.

All the translators and proofreaders working for com·be·nations have a high degree of competence in the most varied areas such as technology, print media, marketing, PR, finance, economy, law, patent law, IT and much more. In addition we can fall back on a network of experts and academics who, when needed, can carry out editorial work of the translated texts in the respective native language.

Consistency and accuracy are a must in technical translations

Technical texts are particularly demanding with regard to terminology and require a high level of specialist expertise on the part of the translator. There is no place for ambiguous or imprecise wording. This is why your texts are translated by professional translators with knowledge of the corresponding topic and the touch of a native speaker. Furthermore, a terminology database, which we painstakingly maintain for each of our clients, ensures that internal company designations and specialist terminology are always employed correctly and consistently. We translate technical documentation including: operating instructions, manuals, test reports, patents, product descriptions, etc.

We are experienced in the following areas:

Discretion and flexibility are vital for commercial translations

Renowned enterprises rely on our experience and discretion and entrust us with translating their commercial texts.

Our area of expertise in this field comprises:

  1. Contracts and agreements
  2. General terms and conditions
  3. Internal and external correspondence
  4. Invitations to tender
  5. Minutes
  6. Personnel reports…

Financial texts are safe in our hands!

When translating financial texts, everything has to come together: terminology, readability and professionalism. Especially for this task we have comprehensive databases of IFRS / IAS / German Commercial Code (HGB) terminology for the translation of financial documents. Moreover, the Controlling – Fachbegriffe specialist dictionary for financial controlling is our work, too. We are proud of our many years of close cooperation with renowned companies that entrust us with the translation of their annual and quarterly reports year after year.

Our range of translations includes:

We speak your language

Internal and external communication in companies is essential, and we support you in phrasing your message in the right way. Creativity and empathy are crucial in translating. We deliver translations that sound completely natural.

We translate your

We keep track of everything

For comprehensive, multilingual publications, collaboration with a first-class translation partner is extremely important. Not only do we take care of the translation into many different languages, we also professionally process the entire project on your behalf including layout, copy editing and approval for printing.

We process the following publications:

  • Customer magazines
  • Specialised books
  • Anniversary books
  • Company magazines
  • Catalogues

A good translator is a culture manager at the same time

A lot of value should be placed on cultural factors in translations. Nobody is satisfied with a one-to-one translation. Rather, the focus lies on adapting the style and tone to relevant cultural particulars, to ensure the text makes an appropriate and professional impression on the target group.

Our portfolio in this area includes: